Behind every cup is a story

Our story tells of fair-trade, organic, specialty espresso and tea. 

Our Mission: 
     Deploy an awesomely strong coffee, FAST, for people on the go while supporting the environment and local community. 

The Path

​     We believe premium ingredients make a difference in taste and quality.  OCN uses freshly ground organic coffee; condensed milk made from only milk and sugar; gourmet flavored Monin syrups and hand crafted, full leaf tea.

With a mind set on renewable resources Operation: Café-Nation offers a plant-based solution to single-serve plastic dishware made by Eco-Products .


Two northern California locals; an Air Force Veteran and his business-minded coffee-loving wife are inspired to bring environmentally sustainable, ethically-sourced, nationally inspired, premium espresso and tea creations to the MOST CONVENIENT locations POSSIBLE. 

The OCN wagon will be open weekly at various locations throughout the Fairfield/Vacaville/TAFB areas. 

Schedule coming soon 

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If you'd like to see the OCN wagon at your office party, church, school, construction yard, auto shop, or place of business wherever it may be,  Contact us

The OCN team looks forward to catering events on weekends as well as serving our coffee at the 2017 Fairfield Farmer's Market. 

"As a kid growing up in San Jose, I spent a lot of time in coffee shops!  Vietnamese coffee has an intense flavor unlike any other coffee that I've had.  I decided I'd like nothing more than to bring this coffee to our community for everyone who loves it and for those who have never had it, to try.  I've created a menu that blends the Vietnamese coffee we know and love with the Italian favorites.  To name a few, The OG , Nation Iced Latte and our signature  OCN Espresso Blend house  coffee.  We are passionate about what we do, try our coffee and taste the difference."

- Lacey Krause, Co-Founder


Have you had your coffee today?
3336 N. Texas Street 
Suite J167

Monday to Friday
Coming Soon
Saturday and Sunday Coming Soon

(Hours and location subject to change)



Fair-trade and Organic, please!

Certified fair-trade coffee

​       Our dedication to providing a better cup of coffee extends beyond the invoice. We have an opportunity to make a difference by choosing to support businesses showing the highest level of ethical commitment. 

Fair price, environmental sustainability, fair labor conditions and community development are a few promises that the fair-trade label guarantees. 

It's about making sure farmers and their families get the wages they deserve for their hard work and dedication to ethical and environmentally sustainable business practices around the world.

It's a way for us to reach out to the far stretches of the globe with one hand high, dedicated to make a difference while still holding our coffee in the other the other hand.
Organic Coffee

Organic coffee beans are grown and harvested without the use of environmentally harmful chemical pesticides or fertilizers and often use processes to reduce the overall environmental impact of growing and harvesting.

Shade-Grown Coffee

Over the last 25 years a 50% population decline of 150 bird species has been observed near farms that clear their land for coffee plants requiring full sun.

Shade-grown coffee is a way for  farmers to reduce the overall environmental impact by preventing the clearing of rainforest lands and disrupting bird migratory patterns.